Toko Mulia Jaya Packing

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Toko Mulia Jaya Packing (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Mulia Jaya Packing or also called by established since 2000 and is still standing. With the spirit of giving the best service to our customers remains present serve our loyal customers.

We sell a wide range of industrial needs such as: CURTAIN PVC,
PACKING GASKET & PACKING GLAND, INSULATION, RUBBER Materials and other industrial materials.

Our Operating Time:
Monday- Saturday (except holidays)
Hours: 09.15 s / d 16:45 (GMT + 7)

** If the holiday can contact us at the number 0857-8261-4337 online **

Tel: 021-6299207
HP / WA : 0857-8261-4337 (Indosat)
HP / WA : 0812-1280-1185 (Telkomsel)
HP / WA : 0812-1051-0423 (Telkomsel)
Tel / Fax : 021-6299207
BB Pin 5A2F8B2F


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