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Plastik Vynil ( PVC )
Plastik Vynil ( PVC )
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Sell Plastik Vynil ( PVC )

Specification of Plastik Vynil ( PVC )

PVC mica plastic rigid clear sheet roll film (clear rigid plastic mica sheet)

Application: plastic book cover, making box, packaging industry, souvenir box, plastic vacuum forming, plastic window envelope, plastic collar and others.

Thickness: 0.10mm - 0.50mm

Size: 140cm X 50 meters
We sell a variety of industrial needs such as: PVC CURTAIN, GASKET PACKING & GLAND PACKING, INSULATION, RUBBER and other industrial materials. PVC STRIP CURTAIN (CURTAIN PLASTIC CURTAIN) (Curtain Curtain Yellow Yellow), PVC STRIP CURTAIN NATURAL CLEAR Clear), PVC STRIP CURTAIN SUPER POLAR (Special Cold Plastic Curtain), PVC STRIP CURTAIN BLUE (Blue Plastic Curtain), PVC STRIP CURTAIN RED (Red plastic curtain) Pvc Strip Curtain With Low Prices And Good Quality Including Pvc Strip Curtain Yellow, Clear Blue Pvc Strip Curtain, Clear Pvc Strip Curtain, Red Pvc Strip Curtain, Yellow Pvc Strip Curtain, Super Polar Clear Pvc Strip Curtain, Natural Clear Pvc Strip Curtain, Non Transparent Pvc Strip Curtain, Pvc Double Ribbed Yellow Strip Curtain & Pvc Strip Curtain Double Ribbed ClearWe also accept the manufacture of PVC Strip Curtain directly so (Live Install) PACKING GASKETS & GLAND PACKINGGasket Tombo 1000, Tombo 1303, Tombo 11 00, Tombo 1935, Tombo 1995, Tombo 1120, Valqua 1500, Valqua 1501AC, Valqua 6500, Valqua 1500AC, Top Graph 2000 klinger, Top Graph 2008 Klinger, TOMBO NO. 9038 G-Flon Packing, NON ASBESTOS BG 1005, VALQUA No. 2010 NBR, CR, EPDM, NEOPRENE, Klingersil C-4400, Klingersil C-4403, Klingersil C-4500, Klingersil C-4430, Thermoseal Klingersil C-4401, Klingersil C-6307, Klingersil C-4300, Klingersil C-6327, Klingersil C-6327 , Klingersil C-6307, Klingersil C-4438, Klingersil C-4304, Klingersil C-4106, Klingersil C-4439, Klingersil C-4243 Klingerit 100, Klingerit 200 ,, Klingerit 1000, Garlock 1000, Garlock 5500, Garlock 3000, Garlock 3000, Garlock 3000 3200. We also accept the making of flange gaskets

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