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 PVC Strip Curtain An Opaque Black
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Specification of PVC Strip Curtain An Opaque Black

Product specification PVC Strip Curtain an Opaque Black (black plastic Curtain) Extruflex PVC Strip Curtain Door Flexible Opaque Jet Black (a black flexible plastic door curtain of opaque) when privacy is an issue, TMI offers a flat, black strip standard that can be used to make non-transparent barrier is truly private. Black PVC strips are commonly used in the area as safe as a conveyor, airport and other rooms where privacy is a major concern. Black PVC debatedemploying a look, but it allows people and objects to pass through freely. Black PVC is 100% opaque and can be used in settings where the temperature is between 0 ° F to 104 ° F. PVC black strip also effectively blocking light to control the brightness in the room. PVC Curtains Line the best solution for the problem below:-it is necessary to maintain the Ambient temperature solution to your cold Room? -upset with Insect pests/air pollutants/Bacteria entering Your building? -DeBU, noise, heat, humidity entering your place? -pissed off open the door every time the vehicle/machine or pedestrian passes? -Do you want a separate area for Welding Purpose? -Do you want to maintain the cleanliness of Your Kitchen in the area? -Want to make a clean room in your store? -Want to make environmental dust proof Paint Work Shop? Our products are all key features but the most important is clarity of Flexible PVC. PVC Strip curtains also meng

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