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Silicon hose (
Silicon hose (
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Heat retaining material

Selling silicon Hoses

Silicone tubing silicone hose roll and Solid Silicone Hose. Our silicone Tubing is used in a very wide variety of applications including Silicon Tubes to harvest mushrooms in factory Silicone Tubing used for preparing and transferring material fillings and flavorings Silicon Rubber tube used for metering liquid material Feeding system of spray for flavorings and coloring the granting of finished products including juices and drinksTransfersoft ring and pump up the sauce with yogurt and fruit or other solids Silicone Tubing prices by meterSilicone Food IndustrySilicone Tubing Tubing to Silicone Laboratory Tubing for printing industry our Tubing made of Silicone 100 silicone elastomer. It is environmentally friendly and not as an alternative to the plastic release toxic smoke when disposed of by incineration. Gecko Optics is one of the largest suppliers of Silicone Tubing in Australia. Silicon Tubing very flecks


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