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PRODUCT INFO Garlock gland packing Style 5100 5100 Style GFO GFO Pump Packing PUMP OR VALVE PACKS An industry standard for over 20 years our style 5100 using 100 Gore GFO yarn filaments and silicone lubricants break in. This style does not fuss when cut is easy to install and features are longevity and efficiency of water in rotating equipment applications. This can be exploited through a very broad range of applications including acidic alkaline aromatics and alifatik alcohol ester synthetic oil petroleum and water vapour aqueous industrial gas and air dry. 5100 style has the highest thermal conductivity good chemical resistance speed capability and low friction coefficient of thermal expansion coefficient is low. Excellent for use in pump mixer and agitator. And remember if you don't have 100 GFO is printed on the packaging that's not 100 GFO. SPECIFICATIONS Temperature min. 200 F Max. Temperature of 550 F Max. Rotary Pump Pressure 300 PSI Max. Valve Pressure 2000 PSI Max. Rotary Pump Speed 4,000 FPM A pride when we can be part of the development effort and your business with a wide range of products and services from us. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. strap. 

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