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Rubber fender docks type D / D rubber fenders are widely used on tugboats, barges / pontoon boats, work boats (such as fishing vessels and transport vessels), and pilot ships. In addition to the dock, and loading and unloading bays, many D type fender rubber is installed inside the interior of the warehouse, factory, or on the back of the loading and unloading truck to protect the wall when unloading or loading goods. Other rubber products ...

Type D rubber fenders on the ship function as a belt on the side of the ship and as a protective fender against friction or push force. This type D rubber fender dock is one of the many types of rubber fender docks and is commonly used throughout the world.

Type D rubber fender type D is suitable for use on small docks as a protector of ships that will or are being docked.

Some other common uses for this type D rubber fender dock are as follows:

Speedboats are usually on small piers

Floating dock / pontoon dock

Floating bridge / pontoon bridge

Other large machines / equipment around the pier that require this type D rubber fender dock

Area loading dock

Car parking area

Wall security in the warehousing area

Safety for other parts of trucks or large vehicles.

This rubber fender also has a very long durability because of its very strong physique. Although the type D rubber fender is quite light, it can work to protect the ship and dock safely because this D rubber fender has the ability to absorb energy and a high reaction force against impact compared to the rubber fender dock type cylinder / cylindrical rubber fender.

Generally there are three standard types of fender rubber type D:

    DD fender type rubber, the center of the fender rubber has a D-shaped hole

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